Review of the first term

This term has been enjoyable because I have moved from a towards 3 to a towards 4 in writing and a towards 4 is where I should be writing. Also, I’m getting above 95 every time we do hundreds club for the past 5 weeks and this is only my first time doing hundreds club before and I hope to keep that up. This term we have had youth town to come out and play Ki o Rahi with us it is a two-team game and it is really fun to play.  One of the school trips that we did this term was to go and visit the lake Benmore dam. Meridian energy took us for a tour around the dam and they even took us to see the huge generators that power 200,000 houses around the Waitaki district. 

One thought on “Review of the first term”

  1. Great review of the term Lochie. I am really pleased that you recognise the progress you have made this term. You have certainly worked hard.

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