This week we went to the blacksmiths and we had the choice to make a garden stake like I did or make a hook to put something. We made these things out of metal we would heat the metal with the forge and when it was red hot we bring it out of the fire and hit it with the hammer into the shape that we want it to be. 

Hundred word challenge


I was on the heavy lookout for any passing ships that were on the Sea Pups path. When we find these scallywags we will ram sack them and then we will take their boat to our own island somewhere far away from the Dog Sharks.  Finally, at the break of dawn, I made out the shape of a passing boat. I did the secret call to the boys “kcaw kcaw” they all hopped in the waka and chased them until Tim hopped on the ship and threw all the people that were on the boat overboard. To be continued.

Shouty Kid

The novel Shouty Kid was a really interesting book. It was a book about a kid who loves to play video games but in the school holidays, his parents want him to go to a summer camp and when he gets there his bully Ed Bigstock is there.

I think that you should read this book because it is really funny.

100 Word Challenge Week #30 21

100 Word Challenge


I was so excited today was the day, the day of the annual Halloween festival and finally, I am illegible to do the maze of PITCH BLACK. I was so excited that I ripped downstairs got my breakfast and hopped in the car. As soon as we got there me and my mates ran to the maze of PITCH BLACK and went in. Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room my mates and I pressed the emergency button and the lights just turned on. For the rest of the day know said a word to each other. The End