Growth Midset

A growth mindset is important to me because I need to use one when I am in the classroom when the work is hard. I also need one when I am doing my sport because sometimes I find it hard to communicate with one another and it can get very difficult to communicate with others. I will need to use a growth mindset this year when I am doing the Danseys Pass trail ride.

100 Word Challenge

I was so excited to try out the new bike that I got for my 11-year-old birthday. So I had an idea that I would ride it to school. It was so fast that I could take the long way around so I did. On the way, I must have taken the wrong street and this grumpy old man came out of his driveway and stool my new bike. He tied it up to the power pole and put a sign on it and the sign said this is what happens when you ride bikes through the town of Meadville.

That was Summer


That time you were fishing and you thought 

You had a snag, and the snag started to

Move and you found out that it was

Your first brown trout?



That time when you were at Lake Aviemore

With your family friends and you were

Getting towed in the water by a 

Biscuit while you had to hold 




That time you were hunting with your dad 

And he shot the first deer

with the 243 

At 230 yards and then carried it 

Out whole?

That was summer. 


By Lochie



The thing that I am most looking forward to is roar because it is going to be my first time hunting in the roar and we have already seen some deer where we are going hopefully we stay the night.